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Extraction of sand- gravel and sand in “Sauleskalns” mineral deposit (“Cemex” Ltd)

Object of the environmental impact assessment is extraction of sand - gravel and sand in “Sauleskalns” mineral deposit in Mârcienas parish, Madonas District.

Proponent of the project: “Cemex” Ltd., 2 Podraga Street, Rîga, LV-1007
Date of the decision:


Coordinator of the project in the Environment State Bureau:

Vineta Maskava

EIA program:


Initial public hearing: On 3 december 2009
in the 1 Jauniela street, Mârciena

EIA completed
EIA is being carried out
poga_sark.gif (883 bytes) EIA applied
EIA not applied
EIA terminated or stopped



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