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End-of-life vehicles

The Latvian legislation in this sector aims to:

  • Reduce waste from vehicles and end-of-life vehicles;

  • Promote reuse, recycling and recovery of end-of life vehicles and their components, materials and substances;

  • Ensure treatment and disposal of end-of-life vehicles in the way, which is safe for human health and the environment.

Latvian legislation transposes the Directive 2000/53/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 18 September 2000 on end-of life vehicles.

The owner of the vehicle shall ensure transfer of any end-of-life vehicle to a treatment facility. The vehicle may be handed over to the treatment facility by its owner or by the person, who has his written warrant.

Upon take-over, the treatment facility shall issue a certificate of destruction* in three copies:

  • The first copy shall be issued to the owner of end-of-life vehicle, but, if the vehicle is “abandoned” – to the respective municipality;

  • The second copy shall be submitted to the Road Traffic Safety Direction no later than one month after the date when the certificate is issued for writing-off of the vehicle;

  • The third copy shall be stored in the archives of the treatment facility for five years.

If the owner has dismantled the vehicle or transfers to the treatment facility its separate components, the certificate of destruction may be issued to the numbered components only.

The certificate of destruction may be issued by such treatment facility, which:

  • Has obtained a Category B permit (hereinafter – a permit) in accordance with the Cabinet of Ministers Regulation of 9 July 2002 No294 "On Application of Category A, B and C Polluting Activities and Permitting of Category A and B Polluting Activities" (in force since 1 October 2004);

  • Has submitted to the regional environmental board a plan for reuse, recycling and recovery of end-of-life vehicles and their components and materials, and has received a decision of the regional environmental board concerning the approval of the plan (in force since 1 March 2005).

Cabinet of Ministers Regulations of 6 April 2004 No 243 “Requirements for recycling of end-of-life vehicles and environmental requirements for the treatment facilities” determines environmental requirements for the treatment facilities, requirements for reuse, recycling and recovery of end-of-life vehicles, their components and materials, information that shall be mandatory provided in the plan for recovery of end-of-life vehicles and information that shall be included in the annual review of the treatment facility.

* A certificate of destruction confirms that the ownership rights on the end-of-life vehicle are transferred to the treatment facility.

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