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Eco-management and audit scheme

A community eco-management and audit scheme (EMAS) has been established and implemented as a tool for environmental management, which improves and enhances environmental protection, sound use of natural resources and public information in the companies and organisations, which voluntary participate in EMAS.

In accordance with Council Regulation (EEC) No 1836/93, the eco-management and audit scheme operated in the EU Member States since 1995. Initially industrial companies only participated in the scheme. However, after adoption of Regulation (EC) No 761/2001 allowing voluntary participation by organizations in a Community eco-management and audit scheme (EMAS) in 2001, the scheme is open to the participation of any organisation. Any company, business entity, institution and municipality may get involved after the completion of necessary preparations. Companies and organisations registered under EMAS may use the EMAS logo.

Registration and competent authority
National competent bodies shall register organisations under the EMAS. Latvian Law on Environmental Protection designates the State Environmental Bureau as a competent body. In accordance with Regulation (EC) No 761/2001, the State Environmental Bureau will evaluate, whether the applicant complies with the requirements of this Regulation, will register relevant organisations under EMAS and will decide on suspension or deletion of the registration of organisations. The Bureau will also establish the register of EMAS organisations.

Basic requirements
According to Regulation (EC) No 761/2001, the organisation shall conduct an environmental review, develop environmental policy, shall establish and implement an environmental management system and an internal auditing system, as well as prepare an environmental statement, which shall report both about implemented and planned activities. All the employees shall be involved in the abovementioned activities and shall receive appropriate training. EMAS organisations shall be examined by an independent, accredited environmental verifier, which also validates the environmental statement. The environmental statement shall be regularly updated and readily available to the general public and stakeholders.

Accreditation of environmental verifiers
According to the Law on Environmental Protection, Latvian National Accreditation Bureau (LATAK) is responsible for the accreditation of environmental verifiers, for the supervision of their activities and for the establishment of the register of environmental verifiers. Any individual or legal entity may become an environmental verifier if it has relevant environmental qualifications and knowledge of EMAS, confirmed by an accreditation certificate. The environmental verifier shall be an independent person or entity and may not have any relation to the organisation to be verified.

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